SimTiki Simulation Center Medical Student Orientation

Medical simulation...

is a powerful way to practice and learn in a safe environment using high technology patient manikins, equipment, simulated patient scenarios and debriefing. This website will help you prepare for your simulation course. Aloha!

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All users of the simulation center must create an account in our learning management system by using the SimTiki Login link.



Learn about how to participate in simulation and the different roles of student and facilitator during patient scenarios and debriefing.

Simulation Room

Patient manikins will be in an emergency room or hospital ward, or other site. Learn to use the patient monitor, locate equipment and more.


Faculty Best Practices

Simulation educators use a variety of techniques and apply facilitation skills to optimize learning at SimTiki


MS1 SimTiki Welcome

Learn about SimTiki's history, and what Medical Students do at SimTiki

1. Create Account

create an account

To attend events at SimTiki, you must Create an account and be enrolled into the event by an administrator. In this section you will learn about the following:

  1. Create Account
  2. How to complete post course surveys after your event
  • Step 1: Create an Account
  • Navigate to
    • Click Create Account on the top right
    • Fill in the fields and click Register
    • Go to your email and confirm your account
    • Course administrators will usually enroll into events (classes) after you create an account.

2. Complete Post Course Survey & Facilitator Evaluation

Account Survey
  • AFTER your class, complete the Facilitator Evaluation and Post Course Survey
  • Step 2: Complete the Post Course Surveys
    • Log into (It will automatically open to your Dashboard)
    • You may need to change the date range to see your classes in the “My Events” row
    • Click the blue Event Dashboard box on the row of the event  you’d like to view
    • Click Modules and then the survey or evaluation you’d like to complete
      • Complete post event surveys only after the course is completed