Fundamental Simulation Instructional Methods (FunSim)

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Fundamental Simulation Instructional Methods (FunSim)

June 4-5, 2024
October 3-4, 2024

On-Site at SimTiki

A train-the-trainer course focused on educators and technicians from all disciplines who desire to effectively apply sound up-to-date instructional design principles of simulation-based healthcare education with active facilitation and debriefing techniques.

Course Elements

  • Hands-on & Interactive
  • Scenario Design
  • Facilitation & Debriefing Skills
  • Apply Educational Principles
  • Simulator Integration

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  • Gain fundamental knowledge and skill in the design and execution of simulation-based activities in medical education.
  • Improve understanding of the differences between simulation-based and traditional teaching methods.

  • Participants will construct and test a simple simulation based education sessions.
  • Introduction to concepts of facilitation and practice facilitation techniques.
  • Participants complete student assessment during a simulation based educational event and analyze differences in learner assessment methods.
  • Introduction to concepts of debriefing and practice debriefing techniques.

$300 per participant
Fee Waiver for University of Hawai‘i Faculty & Residents

Please contact us for a refund policy in case of cancellation.