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Fundamental Simulation Instructional Methods (FunSim-J Online)

FunSim-J Online is a distance learning Japanese language version of the FunSim-J course – an introduction to principles of simulation-based healthcare education for Japanese healthcare education professionals. This course is conducted virtually by ZOOM.





FunSim-J is a fast paced introductory level two-day course providing a didactic and simulation-based introduction to principles of simulation-based healthcare education for international healthcare professionals.

The course is designed to provide healthcare educators a hands-on experience through participatory prototype educational sessions. Participants experience simulation sessions as participants, observers, and evaluators. Advanced educational technology including audience response systems, is utilized throughout the program. The core curriculum includes introduction to simulation technology and teaching methods, debriefing, teamwork training, basic skills training, and orientation to simulation center operations.

Please contact us for more information about this program.

  • Increase knowledge of the fundamental elements of simulation based training programs
  • Improve understanding of the differences between simulation-based and traditional teaching methods
  • Participants will be able to construct simple simulation based education sessions.

FunSIM J-Onlineは、シミュレーション教育の手法を学びたい医療教育者のための、多職種向けの入門コースです。シミュレーションで教えることができるトピックは、緊急時の対応、テクニカルスキル、チームワークのトレーニング、単純または複雑なケースマネジメントを含む幅広いものです。インタラクティブなシミュレーション教育には、シナリオの開発、ファシリテーション、デブリーフィングなど、シミュレーション教育特有のインストラクターのスキルが必要です。
FunSIM J-Onlineは、e-learningによる非同期的学習とオンラインミーティングでの同期的学習を組み合わせたコースで、インストラクターに必要なシミュレーション教育の基本的な概念についての知識とスキルを習得できます。

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