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Our Mission

Providing Local and Global Healthcare Leadership for Turning Technology into Teaching.

Our Vision

SimTiki is the technology enabled learning simulation center of the John A Burns School of Medicine. SimTiki supports excellence in simulation based education for healthcare students and professionals through teaching and operation of an academic simulation center. We pursue alliances locally, nationally, and in the Asia Pacific region. SimTiki promotes improvement in Teaching, Educational Research, and Training for Patient Care Best Practices.


The word tiki first appears in New Zealand Māori as the first man, created by Tāne.The Hawaiian word for tiki is kiʻi. In Hawaiian traditions the first man was Kumuhonua. He was made by Kāne, or by Kāne, Kū, and Lono. His body was made by mixing red earth with saliva. He was made in the shape of Kāne, who carried the earth from which the man was made from the four corners of the world. Ki’i represents a human, both in form and as a reflection of the human condition and experience in many Pacific island cultures. Simulators can also represent many human dimensions. Like a tiki, a simulator embodies the intent, purpose, and spirit of the user.

Faculty & Adjunct Faculty

Benjamin Berg, MD CHSE
Director of Simulation

Jannet Lee-Jayaram, MD, CHSE
Associate Director of Simulation

Yoko Akamine, MD, CHSE
Osaka City General Hospital

Yuka Eto, MD, CHSE
Tokyo Women’s Medical University

Christina Higa, PhD
Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center

Yasuhiro Mandai, MD, PhD
Jikei U. School of Medicine

Yuki Moritoki, MD, PhD, CHSE
Akita University Hospital

Sayaka Oikawa MD, MHPE
Akita University Graduate School of Medicine

Machiko S. Yagi  PhD, MSN, CHSE
Jichi Medical University

Paul E Phrampus MD
University of Pittsburgh (WISER)

Gen Ouchi, MD, CHSE
University of Ryukyus

Eri Sato, MD, CHSE
Nerima Kenikukai Hospital, Tokyo


Kris Hara, MEd, RRT, CHSOS-A
Simulation Operations Director

Eileen Maeda, MBA
Business Operations Manager

Cami Mikami
Admin/Fiscal Assistant

Michael von Platen
Systems Integrator

SimTiki Simulation Fellows

Kyung Hye Park, MD PhD

Toshihiro Hatakeyama, MD PhD

Hiroshi Yonekura , MD PhD

SimTiki International Scholars

Sekyung Lee, MD PhD

Youngwon Jeon MD

Eunran Kim, MD PhD

Yoo-Sang Yoon, MD

Eunsuk Yun, RN PhD

Jinseung Kim, MD PhD

Sungyeon Hwang, MD PhD

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